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Mini Menus Increase Restaurant Sales

Mini menus printing is one of the smartest investments any foodservice operator can make, regardless of whether their operation is fast food, casual quick service or a fine dining restaurant. Mini menus printing allows a restaurant menu to be duplicated on quality double-sided stock for use as a promotional tool to attract more customers as well as remind current customers to return again and often. Mini menus printing produces a quality promotional item that has a long lifespan. It's not a flimsy piece of copy paper that is easily thrown away. It is usually a four-color piece of printing that replicates a restaurant's dine-in or take-out menu in miniature yet still easy to read size, with a double fold that compacts the mini menus printing into the size of a business card that is easily carried in wallet or card file. Mini menus provide an attractive promotional hand-out for use at visitors and convention centers, trade shows, hotel concierge stations, community festivals, chamber of commerce functions, and in mailings to prospective business and personal customers within a given radius of the restaurant. Mini menus printing is an affordable way to get information about a foodservice operation into the hands of new customers. Many operators include them with delivery or take-out orders as a convenient reference tool to encourage repeat business.