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Personalized Hand Tags

Personalized hang tags are great marketing tools. They are square pieces of paper with holes cut in the top, appropriate to hang on a doorknob. They allow for you to print information about your business on them. Using personalized hang tags, you can advertise information about your business such as contact information or specials that you are running. Then you can go out in neighborhoods and hang them on people's front doors. This gets your name out there. Also if you offer coupons, with today's economy, that is sure to get someone's attention. When someone sees your personalized hang tags, they will remember your business. They may have been looking for a service that you provide, but didn't know where to go. So now after getting your hang tag, they now know that you provide the service and may be potential customers. So personalized hang tags are definitely worth the money used to print them if it is getting your business known to people in your community and bringing them into your store, creating sales and putting money in your pocket.