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Trading Cards

Trading cards printing can used for a multitude of reasons, customizing this cards can be for baseball teams or bike or motorcycle racing teams. In the 1900's trading cards printing became very popular when kids and their parents would sit around and negoiate for the best baseball players card. And still today kids sit around and use trading cards printing for their pokeman cards. Certain businesses can us trading cards printing for their real estate agents, insurance salesmen, or even hairdressers to help promote themselves, instead of using business cards, they could use trading cards and then the potential client would be able to learn a little bit about their soon-to-be associate. The normal size of your trading card could be the standard 2.5x3.5 playing card size, which would give you that authentic playing card feel. However, the design of the card would only be limited by your imagination. Take advantage of this unique idea to help promote your business.