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Collector’s Cards - A Marketing Strategy

One widely overlooked marketing strategy is the use of custom sports cards. Collector’s cards have been around for a long time now, it started with baseball, now you can find just about any type of sport card you are looking for. Custom sports cards can be an easy marketing method because you can print your label on them. Overtime, the custom sports cards will be distributed amongst a vide variety of age groups and will ultimately be advertising your company logo. Custom sports cards are becoming increasingly popular and seem to be headed in a good direction. One great feature of of this potential marketing strategy is that most of them are traded, online and offline, so a company will benefit from having collector’s cards traded amongst other trading card collectors. Another great benefit of advertising from collector's cards is the cost. Companies can add a logo to custom sports cards for a very inexpensive price, which leads to a low-cost effective marketing strategy. Overall, companies will benefit greatly just by placing their logo on collector’s cards. It is an opportunity that should not be passed up, especially for new companies that are wanting to launch a new product in a hurry.