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Mini Menus

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4" x 10"


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100 lb. Gloss Book


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4/4 (Full Color Both Sides)

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4/1 = Full color on front, B/W on the back.
4/4 = Full color on both sides.
1/0 = B/W on front, blank back.
0/0 = Blank
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Product Description:

  • Portable menus so that customers can access your menu on the go
  • Ideal sizing to conveniently slip in a pocket or purse
  • Glossy finish with an Aqueous Coating to prevent stains
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Mini Menus: Pocket Menu Printing Redefined

Did you know that most customers choose pocket menus almost ten times over any other printable material? It is the most effective client retention tactic for food companies and restaurants.

A pocket-sized, foldable booklet called the Pocket Menu integrates your business card, shots of your café, the entire menu, and a detailed location map into a polished souvenir your buyers can carry around with them. Its mini size is the mega secret. Because this pocket-sized brochure contains all of your pub's essential details and your whole menu.

Mini Menus are like business cards with added benefits. Hand them out for takeaways, mail them to customers, or leave them in public libraries so potential customers can conveniently slip them in their wallets or purse. Don’t forget to print extra Mini Menus so that your customers can pass them onto their family and friends. With our high-quality inks, the graphics and colors will pop, making your restaurant unforgettable. Use our Mini Menu templates to help you create the perfect menu for your restaurant.

Let us explore one of the food industry’s biggest tools to acquire many customers and have them buy your platter. Also, if you are a restaurant owner, any business owner can use the printing cards tactic to draw more customers.

We also tell you why you should opt for our pocket menus to reach the top.


Why Mini Menus? The All-Pros and No-Cons of Having Pocket Menus

The Menu is essential to the food business. Your menu represents your brand, whether displayed on the wall, signboard, or desk. With sharp color, sturdy paper alternatives, and bespoke dimensions and shapes that show clients you care about providing a high-quality experience, we can make you purport your best.

Indeed, distinctive marketing materials help you stand out from your rivals in today's fiercely competitive business world while grabbing the attention of both pre-existing and new clients.

The typical brochure menus and regular-sized menus are far pricier, take up far too much kitchen space, and are very challenging to keep hold of, as they are not fit to size your pocket.

You should adopt Pocket Menus for the following factors as well:

Pocket menus Help You Get More Recurring Customers

Why? Because these are like mini ads expressing your top-of-the-range food items on a perfect, sublime piece of paper that is eye-catching for the customer. The nicer a mini menu looks, the more likely the audience is to come over and dine at your restaurant.

Your Takeaway Sales Rise Thanks To Pocket menus

Imagine a busy person walking down the street with no time to go through every detail of what culinary items he can access. Your restaurant can increase in sales if you can satisfy that busy hustler's demands. Of course, by handing him the pocket menu that we design for you.


The Counter Area Required To Display Pocket menus is Smaller

This has to be the best pro you can get your hands on once you get your hands on our mini menus first. Pocket size&hellip, Less space… More room for your counter. Voila.

Customers Can Comprehend Pocket menus More Easily

Surely, instead of reading a whole long paragraph of words on a mega-menu, anybody can easily understand and comprehend the right demands of his stomach if he has less to read and more to look at in a small brochure.

Are Sales Increased by Smaller Menus?

The restaurant's menu was substantial for a long time, though not enormous. More selections, it was believed, would increase a restaurant's attractiveness and encourage repeat business. 

The reality is that many restaurants ended up with bloated menus that provided abundant options from across numerous countries and cuisines that tested even the most resilient attention spans.

According to research, most menus force many more options than customers want to pick from. In reality, we are torturing the guest by overcomplicating the menu.

While there isn't a set rule for how many things should be on a restaurant menu, you might argue that menus have become overly complex. Avoid the temptation to provide a wide variety of goods while serving your consumers, and instead emphasize simplicity.

You may increase service efficiency, enhance the whole dining experience, and significantly increase revenue at your restaurant by scaling back the menu. If you haven't already, you should consider trimming the extra items from your menu.


Product Details

Mini menus are ideal for takeout orders; simply placing one in every to-go bag, you can also give them to walk-ins and devoted clients at your restaurant's register. 

Because they are so compact and convenient, your clients can access your menu selections from anywhere and also accelerate the ordering process.

Send out menus through mail to your clients and hand them out to your neighbors and nearby companies.


Create pocket menus that feature images of your most well-liked menu items with high-quality printing, and don't forget to provide a discount as an extra perk.

  • Dimensions: 4" x 10" (Folds to 4 x 2.5)

  • Full-color glossy paper printing is available on both sides

  • Folding: Double and triple Parallel Fold

  • 100 lb. Gloss Book paper stock

You may view multiple templates of the beautiful sheen pocket menus with full-color front printing. The printing cost varies with the quality, aqueous coating, and turnaround speed. To create the perfect menu, we suggest the menu template have the following menu printing characteristics:

  • 4 x 10 tri-fold menu or double parallel fold.

  • Paper type; Oil-based ink gives a paper gloss finish.

  • Soft cover to give a soothing feel to the customers.

  • Fancy front cover with optimum colors pop, giving more durability.

  • Try not to provide extra information, instead, use the space for extra design services.



To create the perfect pocket menus, one should weigh pocket menu printing as important as food delivery services. Restaurant menus ought to have a vibrant gloss finish and dish out as many printed menu items with less wording to catch the customers' attention. High-quality product requires high-quality menu printing.

New customers are almost always inspired by what you have to offer on the pocket menus, so better do an impressive job on that one.


What is a mini menu?

A mini menu or pocket menu is a tiny version of regular-sized menus which are easy to look at and quick to call the action. The 4 x 10 folds to 4 x 2.5 parallel folded menus are the 'new big thing'.

Why do some restaurants have small menus?

Small menu restaurants function like well-oiled machines. That's because everything is organized, from customers making orders to chefs preparing meals and waitpersons carrying them to tables. Additionally, you'll offer the dishes that your chef makes well.

Are small menus good?

A pocket menu may increase effectiveness and quality while allowing businesses to save expenses easily. It may assist in organizing and enhancing the ordering process and customer service, as well as help build a more productive and affordable kitchen.