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Make your own Bookmarks and be unique!

Any business that is looking for a creative way to promote their business while keeping costs down, should consider printing bookmarks. When you make your own bookmarks you have given your potential clients something to use and keep in a positive way. Brochures are often thrown into the “junk” drawer in the kitchen. Bookmarks, however, will be used. And each time that book is opened, your advertisement will be noticed. It is a great way to keep your business on their minds.

When you make your own bookmarks you can also advertise for free in many places you could not otherwise. Libraries often do not allow flyers or circulars to be distributed in their buildings. But every library will allow you to leave bookmarks for their patrons. Schools will also more easily promote your service or product when you make your own bookmarks and distribute them to the children.

When you make your own bookmarks you also have the added benefit of being unique. When everyone else is handing out business cards at an event, your promo will stand apart because it is different.