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Print sustainably and protect the environment

At, sustainability and environmental protection play a special roll. We are aware of our ecological responsibility, and therefore actively pursue environmental protection and promote sustainable goods. 

The reduction and avoidance of CO2 emissions is our number one priority. We’ve designed our daily corporate and operational processes to be as environment and climate friendly as possible. Our raw materials are bought from certified suppliers and we only work with shipping  partners to whom sustainability is as important as it is to us. Through the most modern productions techniques, we are able to create the most efficient manufacturing processes that also conserve resources. This includes, for example, the collective printing technique in which a multitude of customer orders are combined onto a single printed sheet. This results in significantly lower CO2 emissions than in previous printing techniques. 

Despite these efforts, we know that sustainability and environmental protection are an ongoing process. Because of this, we work constantly to optimize our values, always with the goal of using resources efficiently, protecting the environment, while still providing our customers with the lowest prices, highest quality products, and the fastest possible shipping. At PrintSafari, sustainable goods, high quality, and low prices go hand in hand.