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Why magazine printing is still relevant

A printed magazine is not only a relict of time before the internet. Nowadays magazine printing is still a common marketing instrument and the trend is to design highly customized magazines of good quality that appeal to a specific target group.

Consumer and business magazines are often focused on a central topic and this can affect the choice of paper you want for custom magazine printing. A fashion magazine often has a lot of pictures and that's why a glossy cover is a good choice. This also goes for all kind of magazines where advertisment is important, like shoes, apparel or consumer electronics. More business or professional orientated publications might prefer a matte cover to highlight a certain product quality and seriousness.
Beside that the schedule of publications might affect the paper choice. If a magazine is printed on a weekly basis a long durablity might not be that important. Here a thinner paper gives enough durability and is more cost effective. A 70 or 90 lb gloss book with aqueous coating is perfect.
However if the magazine printing is done ones a month or even quarterly or annually a lamination finish on the outside cover will help to protect the pages even if the magazine is read several times and by several people. Furthermore a different combination of inside and cover papers help to create highly customized magazines.

No matter if it is a offset paper, a glossy, matte or laminated finish, a common reason for printing magazines is to emphazise the quality of specific products or content with a well thought through magazine layout, product pictures and meaningful content.