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Gang Run Printing - Reduce Printing Costs and Paper Waste

Our online printing services use gang run printing to lower the printing costs and to reduce paper waste. Nonetheless it provides the same high offset printing quality than a custom job. Gang run printing is convenient for standard paper stocks and standard sizes. Many different printing projects can be placed on a sheet with the same paper stock, which results in extremly cost efficient production. In the past a lack of paper stock choice was the disadvantage of gang run printing, but that changed a lot in the meanwhile. You now can choose between a huge variety of standard papers for brochure printing, cheap flyers, posters or magazines. A superior printing quality and favorable pricing is guaranteed.

Advantages of gang run printing:

  • very economical which results in much lower prices
  • less paper is wasted as nearly the full sheet is used in the printing press for different printing jobs
  • printed in full color (CMYK)

Disadvantages of gang run printing:

  • lack of color control and no pantone colors
  • custom quantities are not common
  • custom sizes are not common