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Print Door Hangers Grab Customer's Attention

Print door hangers are a very creative way to grab a customer's attention, either when they are leaving their home for the office or arriving back at home at the end of a day. Print door hangers have proven to be very effective marketing materials to advertise a newly opened business, special promotional pricing and special offers to customers in the neighboring vacinity of the business. Print door hangers work equally well for jewelry stores, pizza delivery, car repair shops and dental clinics seeking to expand their customer base and visibility. Print door hangers are a classy way to present a four-color advertising message that doesn't get lost in the mail. Print door hangers can also be designed so that the customer can tear off a portion of the hanger in order to receive a special pricing offer or free gift when they present that portion at the store. Door hangers are a much more affordable way to present an advertising message than post cards because there is no postage or mailing costs required. Printed advertising hangers can be distributed in nearby neighborhoods as well as on doors throughout nearby office buildings for maximum effectiveness. Door hangers printed with a special advertising message make it easy to track the success of the promotion because business owners can track the number of customers who report finding the business thanks to receiving a door hanger.