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Window Perfs

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9 mil 60/40 Perforated Window Film


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Perforated window vinyl

Have you ever wondered how drivers could see completely covered in branded vinyl out of windows? Or how do full-coverage vehicle wraps have such a unified appearance? Perforated window vinyl is the answer to both of these questions. Let's have a look at how this product works and when you should apply it to your vehicle.


What is window perforated vinyl?

Perforated window decal (known as window perf, see-through vinyl, or one-way vision film) is adhesive-backed PVC vinyl with microscopic holes. Graphics can be printed directly on the vinyl's surface (perforated vinyl window graphics). From the outside, the images appear uniform, yet the perforations provide a view of the driver and passengers within the car.

Perforated vinyl window film is a full-color vinyl sticker with small, equally spaced holes on the print – it's a specific type of window film. This film has a low adhesive backing, and the perforation allows for a full view when looking out the window. On the other hand, those peering inside your automobile or a building window will not let people see inside. Perforated window decals can be used on the inside or outside a window, depending on the weather. It works well for advertising while boosting security because people cannot see inside but can see the advertisement.

What's the difference between vinyl and perforated decals?

Perforated Window Film vs. Window Decals

Each alternative is intended to market your business efficiently by displaying it to passers-by. Window decals, similar to stickers and perforated window film, on the other hand, offer advantages and disadvantages. Which one you should choose to produce the most money for your company is determined by your requirements.

Window decals

These stickers have graphics that can be applied to your window. They're simply like paper but with a sticky surface. This makes them semi-permanent, which means you can alter them.

Window Perforated Film

Unlike the decal option, the perforated film prevents others from seeing inside while allowing you to see out. Adjust your video to your demands, obtaining a personalized style and the appropriate colors to showcase your company. Apply the film to the exterior of your window so that others on the outside may see it.


What Are Its Applications?

Perforated window film lets you see out while preventing others from seeing in. This is why many people use this type of film in their cars: you can cover every window while still seeing out with a perfect vision. Because of the low adhesive level, your automobile will not be damaged once you remove the film. This makes it an excellent choice for advertising.


Perforated film is one of the most lasting window graphics available, meaning it will remain on your window and display your advertisements. Because the sizes, designs, and colors are changeable, you may easily use them to promote any business or service.

Tinting Windows

Even if you would rather not utilize your window films for advertising, you can still use them to tint your windows. Even if they look, others won't be able to see inside your car or building, offering a sense of solitude from the outside. It also provides contra vision (you can see from indoors).

Heat Infiltration

The less hot sun will enter your automobile or building due to the material on your windows. This prevents heat from entering the house and keeps you cool (solar shading).

Colors that pop

The best equipment is frequently used to print window perf. Find a company that uses a cutting-edge color method to ensure your decals' most exact, appealing, and dynamic designs. You may consult professional graphic designers.


Perforated window vinyl is intended for use outside. This makes them extremely resistant to weather, water, and sunlight. Look for a window glass with a lifespan of more than three years.

Marketing that is inexpensive

A perforated window vinyl expands your brand's reach while conserving money. It can be applied to windows, interior decor, and even automobiles. Using this window graphic innovation on vehicle windows results in an advertising strategy that is constantly on the move. This results in increased impressions and conversions.

Installation is simple

Vinyl perforated windows are simple to install in any window space. You may not require a professional's assistance if you are handy. You need a skilled printing provider to create the design, manufacture the vinyl, and avoid air bubbles.

Maximum exposure

It's a bonus that a window screen is attached to the outside of your business. Regardless of tint or glare, passers-by will always see your signs.


Another advantage of perforated film is that it protects your privacy. When applied to your windows, it makes it impossible for those outside to see through the glass (contra vision), which means you won't have to worry about someone watching you in private or, for example, reading sensitive information off a computer in your office building.

Advertising Promotions

Perforated window vinyl is the best and cool option for advertising your businesses.

Vehicle wraps

The perforated window signs may transform glass doors and windows into great advertising places without impairing eyesight to a dangerous or illegal level. You may also use perforated vinyl film to create a stunning look that allows the vehicle's color to shine through from underneath.

Outdoor Banners

Vinyl banners are an excellent choice for various applications, including outdoor trade shows, attracting the attention of motorists passing by your store, and more. Conversely, the wind might make it difficult to maintain a banner visible and in good shape. Perforated vinyl banners alleviate this issue by allowing the breeze to pass through.

Create Brand Uniformity in High-Volumes

Creating brand consistency across all stores can be difficult for some merchants with hundreds, if not thousands, of locations. This was the case for Family Dollar, the second-largest variety store chain in the United States, with stores in 46 of the 50 states.

Family Dollar's current shops were inconsistent in their outside branding after a decade of hyper-expansion across the United States. To enable Window Film Depot to serve 30-50 Family Dollar locations weekly, the project required high-level cooperation with Family Dollar and Jones Lang LaSalle's (JLL) Retail Renovation Group. The project would be carried out together with several other contractors in a synchronized renewal program across multiple marketplaces simultaneously.

Is perforated vinyl see-through?

All that being said, reflective window film may be for you if you desire privacy in your home during the day but aren't concerned about it at night. It's a terrific alternative because it considerably increases privacy and prevents passers-by from seeing into your room. It is a privacy window film that allows you to see out but not in. I t's your choice if you want contra-vision products

We have a range of reflective window film solutions available, including one-way window film. Like reflective window film, the mirrored film requires a darker space than the outside. A reflective window film allows you to see out of your windows and appreciate your magnificent vistas without darkening your rooms.


How long does perforate vinyl last?

Because the vinyl is applied indoors, it is not constantly exposed to the outdoors. Compared to exterior vinyl installations, this increases the lifespan of window perf vinyl. Second surface prints often survive between 2 and 5 years. Our window applications are all UV-protected and fade-resistant.

Does window perf need to be laminated?

Custom perforated window decals

To achieve all of these features, determining whether to laminate or not depends on the customer's preferences and goals, as well as what the project requires. The artwork on the perf will “pop” beautifully if it is glossed laminated, but it is nearly impossible to enable visibility in or out with gloss laminated window perf. Unless specified otherwise, this is generally not a good idea.

please contact our customer service for more details. We also offer free ground shipping for specific purchases.