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Window Clings

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Window Clings

A window cling: what is it?

Window clings are large signs made from plastic film that can be easily attached to windows using static electricity, while window decals function like stickers. They are a good alternative to tinted windows.

Window clings can hang from various plastic or other metal surfaces even though they are often used on front windows. The window clings can last for up to six months.

The Window Clings can be fastened to the wall without adhesives. They are simple for car windows, trucks, and other vehicle decals.

They are seldom ever time-consuming to install and are simple to take out and reinstall.


What is the difference between window clings and decals?

Window clings and decals offer aesthetics appropriate for various settings and events.

Both are excellent choices for various locations, but you must first understand your needs before comparing them.

We advise using window clings rather than window decals if you want to advertise your company or product to your consumers and are searching for something temporary.

On the other hand, go with Window Decals without giving it much thought if you need something that will last a long time.

They will support you for a longer time and aid in your ability to collaborate with other companies and draw in customers.

How does window cling work?

Custom Window cling film goes by various names, and other goods look similar but slightly different. Some of these you may be familiar with are:



Static cling material

Labels on vinyl material

These goods only differ in tiny ways, but depending on how you intend to use them, those variances could significantly impact them.

Symbols or stickers

Decals, stickers, and comparable products often use an adhesive to stay in place on flat, nonporous vehicle windows, window displays, glass surfaces, and other smooth surfaces.

They are frequently simple to apply and remove, and if detached without damage, they can even be reused. Decals are excellent for repeated use, including

Decoration of Windows with business logo

Murals \Quotes

Despite being comparable to clings, they are less useful for temporary discounts or seasonal promotions. Therefore, window clings are useful.

Static window decals

Static clings adhere to windows by utilizing the static between the cling itself and the window, making it simple and damage-free to use, relocate, and replace them.

They can vary greatly in size. Made using templates or created for a particular use or brand. They are frequently employed for:

  • Sales

  • Events

  • Seasonal discounts

  • Hiring

  • Renovations

  • A Trustmark icon that reveals specific information about the organization

These clings are a terrific alternative for many organizations seeking a temporary advertising solution because they can be removed and replaced as often as you'd like.


Applying window clings

The easy steps for applying window clings are as follows:

Step 1: Cleaning

Clean the application surface in step one.

Since window clings rely on static, any lingering grime or dust will prevent the clings from adhering to the windows.

Use a microfiber cloth or another type of wipe that won't leave any fibers or residue behind.

Step 2: Positioning

To ensure your window cling is level and centered, you might need to measure where it will go. All who see a crooked cling receive a messy message.

Measure and marking the cling's positioning with tape or a washable marker is one technique to ensure it is centered. You can also use a window clings stick.

Step 3: Application

There are only really two approaches to putting window clings, and each is equally straightforward as the other:

When the surface is dry, applying window clings is simple. Place the cling on the window and run your palm over it to make it stay. This approach, meanwhile, might leave a few bubbles behind. You can use a flat scraper like a credit card to smooth out bubbles on the surface. For a seamless appearance, smooth from the center out.

Like a suction cup, window clings adhere slightly more effectively (and maintain their placement for longer) on slightly wet surfaces. Before application, the smooth surface may need to be cleaned with a damp cloth or sprayed with water.

Roll the cling over the placement area from one corner or side to the other after spraying. Bubbles will be less likely as a result. Then, rub your palm over it to make it stay and eliminate any bubbles or ripples that may have appeared.


How to keep window clings safely?

Your window clings should be stored carefully after usage so they can be reused.

Pay attention to these three general rules:

Because they tend to curl, ensure the window cling is secured flat.

Since they can lose their static cling when covered with grime, dirt, or dust, store them in a clean area.

Since heat can harm them, keep them in a cool location.

Here are some suggestions for storing large and tiny window clings:

page protectors and a binder

Store with wax paper between each cling and in dust- and water-resistant packaging.

poster shields

Placing the flat surface on the waxed cardboard backing (wrap with plastic or other dust protectors)

Keep records in record cases.

To keep it free of dirt and debris, put it in a filing cabinet against a hard backing when wrapped.

There are numerous solutions for keeping your window clings organized. Check out a few to see which ones work best for your company.


What is the average size for a Window Cling?

There are no industry-specific measurements for window clings. We provide in almost every size, but some are probably more common (6′′x 9′′, 9′′x 12′′, 12′′x 18′′, 12′′x 24′′, 16′′x 20′′, 18′′x 24′′, and 24′′x 36′′) since clings are utilized for store hours, discounts, and other things. Regardless, the size of your window cling must fall within a specified range. Clings must have a minimum diameter of 3 inches and a maximum length of 300 inches (which is pretty big). Our huge format printers do not adhere well to clings smaller than 3′′x3′′, which could lead to less-than-clear printing. Avoid using tiny typefaces or writing if you want your content to print plainly.


What are the advantages of using custom window clings?

You might consider changing things up if you've suddenly found your home's interior boring and monotonous. That is a very logical wish. Considering that you can completely renovate your rooms without breaking the bank! Fortunately, window clings are a low-cost choice that can help you realize your ideas. You don't truly need someone to explain the significance of this useful material—these are made of vinyl—to you. Vinyl decals and window clings are trendy today, not just for decorating but also for advertising and marketing!

You can gain a lot of advantages from choosing them. Of course, availability is the first benefit. They come in an incredible range of varieties. This forces you to choose the option that best suits your preferences. When planning your home decor, you can not have enough ideas and become larger in the dark. But once you start looking for these window decals to change the look of your home, you'll quickly be able to put your decorative ideas into action! However, it would be best if you first planned out your entire interior decoration strategy!


Taking on a theme

This is a significant advantage when you want to use clings to adorn the interior. You can pick pretty, decorative window clings expressing your futuristic ideas and views! Everyone is going to appreciate this, I can tell you that much! After all, you hope to hear positive things about yourself! Whatever the subject, you can express it clearly in the form of window clings and creatively display them on your favorite room's walls and windows. It immediately infuses you with a charm that makes you feel refreshed.


Stick, move, or eliminate!

The mess of glue marks on clean surfaces is the first thing that comes to mind when we want to stick something to the wall. But now you can unwind since these window clings have smart adhesive backing that won't leave glue stains on your window or wall surface. As a result, you can easily remove or rearrange items as you choose. Additionally, installing them on a wall won't be difficult for you. All you have to do is slowly apply them to the area where you want to see them by peeling off the adhesive backing.


Choosing to think of uplifting ideas

You don't have to stick merely pictures on the walls and windows. Texts are a fantastic alternative at all times. You can find kind words and room-decorating inspiration ideas to make you feel good. The truth is that many individuals are testing it out on various surfaces, including car bodies, windows, and walls. They are obvious in several locations, and you can benefit from them as well. You never paid a sizable sum for it!


Do window clings go inside or outside?

The film is applied to the inside of a glass surface(non-printed side) for residential window clings, however, most vehicle clings specify that the decals should be applied to the outside. Where the cling is applied depends on which side of the cling has the adhesive.


Can you make your window clings?

The job is simple if you have basic design software and know-how, as well as the appropriate window-cling sheets for your home or office inkjet printer. Print window clings with any combination of graphics and text you can think of to let your imagination run wild.


Printing supplies for window clings

All you need to print window clings are the appropriate window-cling sheets if you already have an inkjet printer and a laptop or tablet with image editing or graphic software. Make sure you're getting the clear version if you want the light to shine through your static-cling stickers because they are often transparent, though some brands also sell white and colored window-cling sheets.

Look for window-cling sheets, clear vinyl sheets, static film, or window-cling material online or at art or office supply stores; different brands use different names for the product. Make sure you are purchasing window-cling sheets for inkjet printers and not laser printers by carefully reading the product description. Remember that the same search phrases may return comparable items but not printer-compatible sheets, such as rolls of clear vinyl or adhesive sticker paper.

Clear Static-Cling Sticker Design

To make your static-cling stickers, you don't need any sophisticated design software or abilities, however, you can utilize sophisticated programs like Photoshop if you have them. Simple photo editing programs and free online design tools like Canva and even Microsoft Word have sufficient text and image editing features for this project.

There are countless possible designs. You can use images you have taken, copyright-free images you find online, or original digital artwork you have created. If desired, add text, borders, and special effects. Consider printing patterns with a single black line onto window cling sheets so that you may color your cling stickers to use with markers.

Before printing, ensure the resolution is high enough for a great print, usually at least 300 dpi, and check the size and orientation of your stickers.

Before printing, think about the page layout if you're printing several stickers. You can avoid wasting the window-cling sheets by placing several sticker designs side by side on a single page with a thin border around them.


Window cling printing


For static-cling stickers, consider whether your image needs to be flipped before pressing "print." The text and the majority of the images must be reversed if the stickers are placed on the inside of windows and viewed from the outside.

Either use the editing software to reverse the entire sticker or go into the print settings and select "mirror," "flip image," "reverse image," or a similar command. Also, choose the optimal printer settings for the paper type, as stated in the window-cling sheet instructions. Otherwise, use "transparency," "glossy," "transfer," or something similar.

What exactly is a clear or white static cling?

White Static Cling (ESM-WSC) is a self-clinging white film with a 7-mil calendered vinyl that requires no adhesive. It adheres rapidly to glass and other flat polished surfaces and removes effortlessly. It is compatible with the majority of eco-solvent inks, however, please test it to ensure compatibility.

clear static clings sheets come with a backing that should be left intact before printing and some form of lettering or marker to indicate which side is printable. Feed your printer one sheet at a time so the printable side is up, i.e., the non-printed side faces down. If you're unclear, look for a symbol on the printer that indicates which side of the paper will be printed.

You might also try a test run on ordinary printer paper. After successfully printing your static-cling stickers, leave the sheet untouched for several minutes to allow the ink to dry completely. helps you to create custom window clings with different sizes and window cling layout templates.

please contact customer service at for more details.