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Wall Planners


Wall planners are valuable documents that help organize events and plan for the future.

Whether you are planning your next day or week or even the entire year, wall calendars are essential for staying put and organized.

For instance, wall planners are great for remembering and considering important dates, family events, and business meetings.

Having a wall calendar also allows you to plan efficiently for the week ahead with minimum effort, whether at home, school, or the office.

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Big Plans. Even Bigger Results. - The Wall Planners Let you Plan Ahead


Whether at the office or at home, our wall planners are an effective and easy way to plan your time. Their large size means that a simple look will update the entire office on crucial events for your organization.

Thus, ensuring that each employee is organized and has the same shared business goals, despite differences in roles and time schedules.

You can avail of the services of to get your wall calendar printed, as we provide quality printing. You can order a single calendar or multiple calendars in stock. offers the best prices with premium quality wall calendar printing.

All your search results for getting monthly, weekly, or daily calendars printed will lead you to PrintSafari. offers a variety of wall calendars. These come with one page per month or, in some cases, a page per week. We also provide several sizes, including A1, A2, and A4. This ensures that you will get the exact proportions you are looking for.

The PrintSafari wall planner is open-dated so you can use it anytime. You can display the planner page by page or at once for a powerful long-term planning tool.

You can even buy customizable calendars with editable sections. With these, you can create more areas according to your need and write notes next to each day. These planners allow you to easily view important dates and events coming up on the calendar at a glance.

Advantages of Wall Planners/Wall Calendars'


Now let's view the advantages of wall calendars:

1) Better organization

A visible wall planner will enable you and others to look up to an upcoming date instantly. You won't have to go through the hassle of opening an application or moving through pages.

This helps significantly as it allows for efficient organization, especially if you often misplace your handheld calendar or planner.

2.) Accessible for everyone

You can place the wall planner in a central location at your office, which will benefit your employees as now it will be visible to everyone.

As a result, the calendar will be easily viewable. It will allow people to convey messages or event changes more rapidly and efficiently. A planner with prominent figures and a standard format will ensure everyone is unambiguous over critical days and events.

3) Easy planning

Wall calendars or planners are generally spacious, giving you plenty of space to write on instead of the handheld versions. This makes them extremely useful for planning events or deadlines for the day, month, or year ahead.

Often, people do not wish to ruin and overload the personal planners they use for their personal life. So having a communal planner that can be strictly used for business is fruitful. This helps to categorize information as a helpful planning and strategic tool.

4) Improved tracking

A more extensive and precise planner, such as a wall calendar, allows you to track and visualize critical events and information more straightforwardly over time. You can even have fun marking important events on your calendar using different colored pencils, pens, or stickers.

This will further emphasize crucial areas of concern. And will also allow you to remember important dates better. A wall calendar is perfect in this way for organizing personal affairs as well as the company aims.

5) Sets a professional image

Wall planners also help you define a professional image for your company, as they can represent your company as responsible and dependable. When your clients and vital business contacts see that you are organized with a professional wall planner, it sets a reputable image for your company.

Furthermore, it gives the impression that your business is structured and reliable.

6) Increases productivity

As wall planners or calendars are visible daily, they can help motivate people to achieve specific aims and meet marked and visible deadlines.

It is advisable to get two calendars. This is because one can be used for reference while the other will be used for more detailed planning and tracking. This will also help your staff not get burdened with too much information at once.

As a result, they can better prioritize hard tasks and plans.

7) Beneficial for both business and personal use

Wall planners are essential tools to stay organized and structured. They are a popular tool used at home as family planners and in the office, which is the perfect way to plan your working schedule.

They help you prioritize your commitments and responsibilities. This is particularly important in professional settings where the employees must align their tasks and schedules with other colleagues and meet deadlines.


Whether one day or many days you wish to account for, wall calendars come in different formats and sizes, which you customize according to your preferences. They are valuable tools both for personal life as well as in business. They have many benefits and are more efficient than your average portable planners.

So, buy yourself a wall planner from You can pick from our extensive selection of wall calendars. You will never miss an important date or event again! So you can plan.

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