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Have you ever wondered how easily an individual could differentiate one state from another by looking at their flags?

Every flag in the world has a history and purpose.

For example, the proposed design by the district flag commission has its early history associated with George Washington. The design was formulated considering the coat of arms of George Washington's ancestors. And how they took over the Washington Old Hall, Northeast England, and County Durham.

Back in 1924, Charles Dunn designed a flag book in the Mills building, and a picture was sent in the Evening Star newspaper. The coat of arms of Lord Baltimore shown on Washington dc's flag has been embellished with two red horizontal stripes and three red stars. These were also shown in the memory of Lawrence Washington.

Dunn's design underwent multiple changes when they realized the existing district flag looked like a blue field in the middle, a state seal. Evening star reported that two designs were further shortlisted, one given by the American liberty chapter and the second by John Mackaye Dunbar.

Importance of Flags

Some individuals might view the flag of a particular state as a decorative element. However, a flag symbolizes a lot more. The official flag portrays the vision, achievements, ideology, hard work, and sacrifices of notable people throughout history.

It also signifies the values and beliefs of those residing in those states. Apart from the local significance, the distinctive flag of, e.g., the District of Columbia gives rise to memories of the famous world war. Understanding the hidden categories of all flags is important.

George Washington's ancestors made a lot of effort to make it a distinctive flag. Their coat of arms now proudly illuminates the white house. Global rulers brought in their ideologies and then changed the flags' designs with time. understands how strongly individuals might affiliate themselves with their state's flag. Due to this, we ensure that the state flags we print are of top-notch quality and design. We print distinctive flags but show peculiar printing skills for all state flags, making no compromise on the design.

Dimensions of Flag Printing

Every suggested design submitted to has its own set of dimensions that it must follow. The customers are given a list of dimensions from which they can choose.

The dimensions of the District of Columbia's famous flag, more commonly known as Washington dc's flag, are 3'x5'. The Washington DC government approves the dimensions every time a new flag is printed, ensuring the coat of arms is not compromised.

The dimensions of the flag printing are directly associated with the type of flag that is asked for. Flags tend to come in different shapes and sizes.

The flags' sizes have been listed below, along with their corresponding dimensions.

1) Garrison Flag

The dimensions of this flag are 20 feet by 38 feet. The flagpoles used for these flags must be tall enough to ensure utmost visibility. The air force does not utilize this type of flag.

2) Field Flag

This flag's dimensions are 6 feet by 12 feet. The width or hoist of these flags is 8 inches. It is usually employed in the presence of important visitors from foreign countries or during important occasions.


3) Post Flag

The dimensions of this flag are 8 feet by 17 feet and come in 10 feet by 19 feet. The army usually uses this, but it is called a base flag when the air force utilizes it.


4) Inclement Weather Flag

The width or hoist of this flag is 5 feet by 9 feet and the length or fly is around 6 inches. In other words, this might also be known as the storm flag.


5) Interment Flag

The purpose of this flag is to be raised when military personnel is deceased. The dimensions of the flag are similar to the storm flag.

Intro is here to advise you on the best dimensions for the flag you want to get printed. We also take care of meeting all the measurement requirements you will provide to us.

Occasions Necessitating Flag Printing

Different occasions might necessitate flag printing. Only should come to your mind at that point because of our peculiar skills and experience in this field.

For example, the three-star flag with red stripes might be necessary during the next world war or even posted outside the capital building/ federal district.

1) Wars

The national flag of any country is used to mark territory or to symbolize the national geographic area from which the opposing army originated. George Washington and his ancestors used the American flag during wars.


2) Foreign Representation

There are different international forums where the president or the foreign ambassador of your state might have to represent your country. There, the state flag would be posted. Along with the national flags of multiple other countries, portraying all the countries that are a part of that forum.

The flag of Washington DC or the District of Columbia is used in almost every international forum around the globe.


3) Olympics/ Sports

The state flags represent participants from around the globe in different matches or sports activities. Moreover, there might be local flags with a local significance that the foreign parties cannot understand.

4) Outside Buildings

In some cases, flags are used for decorative purposes. It signifies patriotism. Schools, universities, offices, and famous buildings portray essential values and beliefs using the national flag.

Customized Flag Printing also understands that the world is revolutionizing, and the dynamics are more inclined towards customization. We can tailor the flag to meet your needs depending on the flag's measurements, shape, size, logo, design, and color.

One might want their variations in the Washington coat of arms or the thirteen stars that signify the Capitol dome of the United States.

Apart from the above flags, customers might want to design a flag for their company or business. In that case, PrintSafari would ask them about the shape of the flag.

Different shapes of flags have been listed down below.

  1. Square Flag

  2. Teardrop Flag

  3. Feather Flag

  4. Window Flag

  5. Flags for Flag Poles

Moreover, we also ask about the climate conditions of the area you are residing in or where your office is located. This would then determine the fabric quality and type we need to print the flag.

Even when Washington dc's flag is to be printed on any object or a piece of fabric, different types of inks of supreme quality are utilized. The size of the three red stars or the two horizontal bars can easily vary depending on the customer's requirements.

The Durability of Flag Printing

The durability of flag printing would vary depending on the object the flag has been printed on. Several factors can directly impact the durability of flag printing.

These have been discussed down below.

1) Fabric Used

There is no doubt that if the printing is done on a piece of fabric, that would be more durable than other objects. Also, individuals can easily carry the material, which would not require much space.

The fabric can be easily washed if there are any signs of stains. The fabric used by PrintSafari is of top-notch quality and does not go unnoticed.

During the period of George Washington, the district flag was printed on silk fabric as it was used to enhance its beauty.

2) Inks Used

The inks are also used to determine the durability of flag printing. If the fabric is of top quality but the inks used do not have the right amount of pigment or additive, the colors will not be vibrant.

If the Columbia flag is not printed with the brightest shade of blue, red, and white, it will not appeal to the eye at any cost. uses the best-imported inks from around the globe to ensure that the printing is high quality.

3) Machines Used

The quality of machinery at hand also plays an important role. This is because if the machine is outdated or has completely depreciated, there is no use in buying high-quality fabric and imported inks. Productivity and efficiency are directly associated with the machinery being used.

The Washington coat of arms was always made using the most reliable and durable inputs to meet the set standards of the flag commission.

Affordability of Flag Printing

The rates of flag printing tend to vary from company to company. It also depends on several other factors mentioned down below.

1) Bulk Buying

Suppose the customer purchases printed Washington DC flags for independence day. In that case, the chances of them buying in bulk would be high.

With the help of bulk buying, customers can take advantage of economies of scale. Their cost would spread over more units.

2) Customization

This goes without saying that if you have tailored the flag to meet your needs and are not getting the essential Washington dc's flag or Columbia flag printed, you will be charged higher.

Mass production reduces the cost of the printer. Still, PrintSafari has reasonable rates to offer in terms of customization.

3) Material Used

Again, the more expensive the fabric you want the flag printed on, the more expensive the printing cost. The intended purpose of that flag would determine the entire cost and money invested in the printing of that flag. The material used in the Washington coat of arms would be superior.

If the flag is used outside a house during independence day, the customer would prefer to purchase the cheapest option. If the flag represents the state in an important global event, the customer would be ready to invest more in printing the flag. The best fabric will be used etc.

Methods of Flag Printing

There are different methods through which flag printing companies ensure that they meet the desired needs of their customers.

The top used methods have been elaborated on down below.

1) Silk Screen

This is the most durable and reliable printing method for printing flags. The flag of the District of Columbia during the times of George Washington, or the Washington coat of arms, was printed using the silk screen method for the most extended period.

Not only that, but if our customer has asked us to ensure that the quality of ink colors is top-notch, then the silk screen method would be the most efficient. This method should not be used if a customized order is being prepared.

Even though the machinery is easy to use, it cannot be afforded by every printing company. Those who can afford it make sure they take orders in bulk to spread out the cost of purchasing this machine over more units.

Manual and automatic machines are available, but as previously stated, the automatic ones will make the procedure much faster and easier. The ink also possesses a wide range of features. For example, you may select between water-based and discharge inks and traditional plastisol ink.

Following that, you can decide on the colors for both the screen printing ink depending on your design specifications and modifications. The ink is used across the screen with a squeegee to set down the specified print.

The final piece of printing plant operation is a flash cure unit, which allows the ink to cure. It's a simple way of saying how we can create white undertones or blend with other colors.

Finally, the conveyor drier heats the ink to ensure that the print is long-lasting and excellent when you acquire it. The Washington dc's flag, keeping in mind the Washington family coat, was printed similarly when the fine arts commission was consulted.

2) Sublimation Technique

This new technique has been launched in the market. Many printing companies are using this technique because the market's focus has changed from reducing costs to enhancing customization.

The sublimation technique is best used in the case of small quantities when the customer wants to get a different type of flag printed. This can be for their business or close-knit team at an online game.

After printing, the paint is heated to help it adhere to the fabric. This can be accomplished in two ways. The first method involves printing a drawing on a separate sheet of paper, which is then translated into fabric. Direct printing is the second method. This is accomplished by printing on fabric with a color printer.

No doubt, the printed fabric should also be heated to soak the paint. The bottom of the radiator is built inside the printer in some printers.

In other circumstances, heating is done on a separate piece of equipment. Calendaring is the name given to this heating procedure.

Designing Your Own Flag

This might seem difficult to some people, but graphic designers know how convenient it is to design your flag. You might incur the need to design your flag under any circumstances.

You might have participated in a competition or discovered a new spot that you would want to leave a mark on using your customized flag. When designing your flag, you are not only coming up with new ideas and logos.

You might want some changes in the existing flags of different states. No doubt, you cannot use these flags anywhere else because no one would recognize them as these have been stored in our core memory. If you change the two red bars of the Washington flag, it would be useless to you.

You need to ensure the measurements of the flag, along with the logo or graphics of the flag, are unique so that the printing companies do not experience issues revolving around copyrights and patents.

The printing companies like also offer consultations to their customers. We are here to tell you which color or size best suits the flag they are trying to make.

If George Washington and his ancestors had been aware of this company back in their times, they would not waste their time and that of the Washington dc council elsewhere.

Types of Flags

There are different flags, and each type has its required purpose, completely changing the kind of printing conducted to make it.

Important flags such as the national flag (telling the national geographic area of a state) or the provincial flags require the best fabric with a large flagpole. These flags are approved by a flag commission in every state.

An example of a suitable flag is the official flag of Washington DC which has three five-pointed stars with a white background and two red bars.

Sports flags also hold immense significance for sports lovers. Still, these flags have little importance on a national or international level.

Regarding militia flags, we have service, maritime, and personal flags. These are used by the American military and can be recognized from afar. The American revolution plays a massive role in this.

All these flags are available for printing at PrintSafari at the most affordable rates.

So, grab yours now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How can we know if the Washington dc flag printing is authentic?

It is pretty easy to determine whether or not you are purchasing an authentic Washington dc's flag. After all, the North American Vexillological Association ranked it 8th out of 72 flags due to George Washington's and his ancestors' outstanding efforts. The first things you must locate are the red bars or red stripes.

In the upper white portion, three five-pointed stars show you how authentic the flag design is. George Washington and the Columbia historical society have given us the epitome of the Washington family arms in this flag design.

You might as well want to make more effort and order a printed flag once flown outside the Wilson Building. You can always report on the Washington Post app if you have not been provided with an authentic flag.

Q2) How long does the flag printing last?

This entirely depends on the material or object it is being printed on. It can last more than 25 to 50 years on a fabric. If it is well taken care of, this number can increase to 70 years as well. Individuals might have remains of flags from the twelfth century even now because the fabric quality was high in those days.

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