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Custom Envelopes

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Size is measured in inches (except for Banners).

Your artwork must be submitted in this size plus bleed. For more information please go to Bleed & Safe Area.

If your product includes folding, this is the size before folding.

Catalogs/Magazines and Calendars are not considered folded products. Their size refers to one page.

70 lb. Opaque Smooth White


Each paper we offer is a good choice for the product. You often have the option between lighter and heavier papers. Papers also come with different coatings.

For more information, see our Paper Guide.

Note that some papers increase production time, as listed in Turnaround Times.


4/0 = Full color on front, blank back.
4/1 = Full color on front, B/W on the back.
4/4 = Full color on both sides.
1/0 = B/W on front, blank back.
0/0 = Blank


The quantity you select here is for one design only. To print several artworks you must add several items to the cart.

You can change the item quantity in the cart, if you want the same product for multiple designs.

High quantities may increase production time as listed in the category description or in Turnaround Times.

Turnaround Time


Production time depends on the product. You can find production times for this category in the description below (including additional turnaround times).

For your specific product's production time, please complete your filter selection or go to the product page — however you will have to add the additional turnaround times to these, too.

Please note:

Production starts on the day we have received your print-ready files before 10 AM EST (including your confirmed proofs, if any).

See Turnaround Time for more information.

Production time does not include shipping.

See Shipping for more information.

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Dates apply only if payment is complete and print-ready files are submitted (and approved) until 10 AM EST. For time sensitive orders please select fastest turnaround time. For more information go to  Turnaround Time. Turnaround Time does not include Shipping.

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Product Information:

  • Important mail deserves important envelopes.
  • Customize every inch of your envelopes.
  • Full Color Outside and Inside.
  • Many standard and non-standard sizes available.
  • Option to add a window for addresses.
  • Laser and InkJet compatible.
  • Moisture activated seal (adhesive, lick and stick).
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Custom Envelopes Printing Services |


There are many different sizes to choose from regarding envelopes. But what if you could have a custom size envelope made just for you? That's right, a custom-size envelope! Imagine the possibilities. You could use a custom size envelope for wedding invitations, announcements, advertisements, or even a unique way to send promotional emails and giveaways to your customers. There are virtually limitless possibilities when it comes to custom envelopes.

At, we can print your envelopes in any size, shape, or color you need. We also offer a variety of finishes and textures to choose from. Plus, we can print your envelopes on any paper, from recycled to specialty stocks. And if you need help designing your custom envelopes, our team of experts is always here to assist you. So if you're looking for an easy way to make your occasion extra special, consider investing in custom envelopes. Contact us today to learn more about our custom envelopes printing.

Custom Envelopes: Does it Really Makes an Impact?

When sending mail, many people think the standard white envelope is just fine. However, custom envelopes are the way to go if you want to add a personal touch – or make sure your mail gets noticed among the pile.

These envelopes are a great way to make a statement and stand out. Whether you're sending a wedding invitation, a birthday party invite, flyers, booklets, or even a simple thank you note, custom envelopes can add that extra touch of class.

But does it make an impact? In short, yes! Custom envelopes show that you care about the details and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure your correspondence is top-notch. It's a small gesture, but it can make a big impression.

A custom envelope can be made in any color or style and even feature your design. You can also choose from various fonts and sizes to create the perfect look for your enclosure packaging.


Our Most Popular Envelopes Sizes & Themes

At, we offer many envelope sizes, themes, and other special offers. Whether you're looking for a standard envelope size or something more unique, we have you covered. Below are some of our most popular options:

A-4 Invitation

The A-4 invitation size is most popular for wedding invitations and other formal occasions. Its dimensions are 4.13 x 5.83 inches, making it smaller than a standard piece of paper. This envelope size is perfect for enclosing RSVP cards, information cards, and other smaller items.

A-7 Announcement

The A-7 announcement size is perfect for announcing special occasions like births, graduations, and engagements. Its dimensions are 5.25 x 7.25 inches, slightly larger than an A-4 size. This envelope size allows you to include more information on the card and photos if desired.

#9 Commercial Envelopes

The #9 commercial size is a versatile option that can be used for both business and personal purposes. Its dimensions are 3.875 x 8.875 inches, making it slightly smaller than an A-4 size. This size is perfect for enclosing information sheets, coupons, and other smaller items.

#10 Standard with Window Envelopes

The #10 standard with window envelopes is our most popular and unique size for business mailings. Its dimensions are 4.125 x 9.5 inches, slightly larger than an A-4 size. This site allows you to include more information on the card, as well as a window for easy address viewing.

Square Envelopes

Square envelopes are a unique option that can be used for both business and personal purposes. Their dimensions are 5.5 x 5.5 inches, making them smaller than an A-4 size. This size is perfect for enclosing photos, flyers, invitations, and other smaller items.

Mini Envelopes

Mini envelopes are a great option for enclosing or packaging small items like gift cards and jewelry. Their dimensions are 3.5 x 2.75 inches, making them the smallest of our envelope standard sizes. This size is also perfect for mailing out samples or product information packets.

Other Personalized Sizes

We also offer a variety of other personalized envelope sizes to fit your specific business needs. If you don't see a size that fits your needs, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will be happy to create a custom size for you.

So why wait? Start browsing our most popular envelopes' standard sizes, shapes, and themes today!

Customize Your Envelopes to Fit Your Specific Needs

Regarding envelopes, there are almost endless possibilities for customization. At, we can help you create the perfect envelope for your store needs, whether you're looking for a specific material, design, or customization.

Material Options

Envelopes are typically made from paper, but other materials are also available. Consider one made from Tyvek or polyethylene if you need an envelope that will withstand rough handling. For a more luxurious feel, go with an envelope made from velum or linen.

Some popular options include kraft paper, recycled paper, and fabric. We can accommodate your request if you have a specific material in mind.

Design Options

Envelopes can be designed to match your brand or style. We offer standard and custom printing options to get exactly what you need. We can also print your envelopes with your company or store logo or other design elements of your company's branding. However, if you need help designing your envelopes, our team of experts would be happy to assist you.

Special Customizations

In addition to the material and design of your envelope, many other aspects can be customized. This includes the standard envelope size, shape, flap style, foil lining, and closure. If you need something unique, we can create custom envelopes with die-cuts, special square flaps, matte, glossy finishes, or other special offers and features. We can even add a foil stamp for a touch of luxury. We can work with you to meet your company's needs.


Make Your Invitations and Mailers Stand Out: Tips & Tricks

Regarding invitations and mailers, you want to ensure they stand out. You don't want them to be lost in the shuffle amongst all the other mail people receive. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make your invitations and mailers stand out:

  • Use bright colors.

Bright colors are eye-catching and will help your invitations and mailers grab attention.

  • Use unique fonts.

Unique fonts will help your regular business envelopes stand out. They'll look different from all of the other mail that people receive, which will help them catch people's attention.

  • Use interesting graphics or images.

Graphics and images can help your catalog envelopes stand out. They'll catch people's attention and make them more likely to read what you have to say.

  • Be creative with your wording.

Don't just use the same old tired phrases on your invitations and mailers. Be creative and create something unique that will grab people's attention.

  • Make sure your contact information and business address are easy to find.

You want people to easily find your contact information to RSVP or contact you if they have any questions. Make sure it's prominently displayed on your envelopes.

  • Customize styles and themes.

Consider using different paper stocks, shapes, styles, or textures to add visual interest and dimension.

  • Add the finishing touch.

To grab attention, incorporate eye-catching details like foil stamping, embossing, or die-cutting.

  • Print quality must also be taken into account.

Use high-quality printing techniques to produce professional-looking results.

  • Sync with your branding.

Keep your overall business site aesthetic in mind when designing your specialty envelopes - you want them to reflect the tone of your event or shop.

Get The Best Envelopes Printing Services |

Getting the best envelope printing service is important if you want your letters and cards to stand out. There are many factors to consider when choosing a service, including quality, price, and turnaround time. is the clear choice for envelope printing in terms of quality, price, and turnaround time. is the leading provider of high-quality envelope printing. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure your different envelope sizes look their best.

We offer a variety of envelope size options and styles to choose from. We also have a wide range of paper stocks and finishes so that you can create a unique envelope.

Our experts are always on hand to help you with any aspect of your envelope printing project. We'll work with you to ensure that your envelopes are printed exactly how you want them.

Looking for the best envelope printing service? Look no further than We're dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality products and services. Contact us today to learn more about our custom sizes for envelope printing services.