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Common Brochure Sizes and Folding for your advertising

Combinations of sizes and folding for brochures are endless. The standard everybody knows is a half fold brochure. It is like a flyer or letterhead folded in half to fit into an envelope. Beside the Tri Fold and Z Fold are very common to advertise in marketing. Information about the sizes can be found in open and closed size. The following examples give an overview about well- established standard sizes and folding options for brochures.

11” x 17” folded to 8.5” x 11” Half Fold

The short fold or half fold of a 11” x 17” flyer ends up in a 4 page folder or brochure with a standard letterhead size of 8.5” x 11”. This is commonly used for informational brochures that come within an envelope. E.g. technical or medical information is presented in a compact way and can be sent by a letter.

8.5” x 11” folded to 3.66” x 8.5” Tri Fold or Z Fold

Folding a letterhead sized document to 3.66” x 8.5” results in a compact size for storing information on 6 pages. This size is popular for promoting events, concerts or food. There is enough pages and space to use graphics and text side by side. Stored on a counter it is a nice takeaway.

4” x 24” folded to 4” x 6” 4 Panel Accordion Fold

As 4” x 6” is a standard club flyer size the 8 pages / 4 panel accordion fold is the perfect way to present lots of information in pocket size.

22” x 33” folded to 8.25” x 11” – 16 pages Double Cross Fold

The 16 pages double cross fold technique is typical for maps. A national park or a theme park want to give maps to visitors. This brochure fits perfectly into a backpack, has enough space to give detailed information about the area and leaves the backside for text and maybe sightseeing information.

Other common Brochure sizes and folding options

Further brochure folding options are Single Open Gate Fold, Double Gate Fold, Half then Half Fold and Roll Fold. We offer 25 different folded sizes in standard, depending on the open size and the folding combination. Use our file templates for brochures to set up the correct printing file for all common brochure and folder sizes. If a special size is needed, which can’t be found online, feel free to ask us for a custom quote here.

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