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Make Your Own Sticker And Promote Your Business

Stickers are a great promotional tool, but often forgotten by small businesses as a cost-effective way to leave a lasting and good impression with current and potential customers. However, if you really want to set yourself apart, show what it is that makes you and your business unique and make your own personalized sticker!
Choosing to avoid generic template designs and make your own stickers does not mean you have to try and come up with some sort of fancy guard message to impress the art world. Remember, this is about promotion and making your business memorable. This means that your stickers can be simple, like a funny phrase or limerick, or something more graphically intensive than the standard run-of-them-mill promotion. One such example is a small baker, whose claim to fame is that 'all orders are custom'. The motto is printed on menus, on the sign out front, and scribbled across the chalkboard menu, which is carefully handwritten daily with specials. By putting just the motto on a sticker, the baker is able to immediately remind customers of what makes their bakery different, and this approach should be what you are after when you make your own sticker, as well. With a little creativity, you'll find that coming up with your own ideas are what gives your business an edge.

Using Stickers To Promote Your Business

When looking for an inexpensive way to promote your business, one such option are personalized stickers. There are countless of ways that personalized stickers can be used, for example, placing them next to a checkout register for customers to take with them. This can work for companies with retail outlets, but you have to remember that customers aren't likely to take and use the personalized stickers just because they are available. The best method is to come up with an eye catching design, or a memorable saying. Funny stickers are a great way to create a small relationship with your customer, and if the customer likes your personalized stickers enough to display them somewhere prominently, your message will be even more effective. These tactics will work if you are attending a trade show or conference where you have a booth, or, any opportunity to hand out your business stickers. Remember, a tacky sticker will be a nuisance, but a truly memorable one will be gladly accepted. Be sure to give the design and message of the sticker quite a bit of thought before placing your offset printing order. You can also use different designs depending on the market you are attempting to focus on. By using your creativity in marketing, you will find that stickers are an effective way to get the word out about your business.

Our Sticker Assortment at a Glance

Universal, affordable and effective: stickers are the perfect tool for your marketing and communication. Use the versatile and diverse design possibilities in sticker printing to effectively transport your advertising message to your target groups. Get inspired in our online store and choose between many different motifs, shapes and formats. The possibilities are endless!

At you can find three different sticker types that will help you in your marketing and communication activities in an eye-catching way. To achieve a special effect with your advertising message, you can choose from a variety of shapes and formats. In our assortment you will find rectangular and square, small and large stickers that can be used both indoors and outdoors. At you can print quantities ranging from 100 up to 20,000. Reviews with