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Canada takes the protection of your data very seriously.

Use of Data
We use your personal details (name, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) solely for resolving your order. We do NOT use your data for any other purposes without your express permission. Once given, this permission to use your data for advertising purposes, this can be retracted at any time. Furthermore, data can be altered, blocked, or deleted on request.

SSL-Encoding – Making Online-Shopping Secure
We use SSL-encryption (Secure Socket Layer) to protect your internet data transfer. SSL minimizes the risk that information like your credit card data is intercepted. The SSL security procedure may slow down the connection.

What Does SSL-Encoding Mean?
When your browser accesses our SSL-secure page, it will check our server-certificate. Using this data, the browser can verify if it is connected to the server it is supposed to be connected to. If verification is successful, your data will be encoded and sent via a 128 bit-line across the internet.