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Product Information:

  • Durable vinyl material which is suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Many sizes available
  • Gloss or Matte finish
  • Printed with Eco-Solvent inks
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Banner Vinyl Custom Printing

Choose our banners if you want your business to get noticed

You must occasionally make a one-of-a-kind statement that is as unique as your goods. Our banners are the ideal marketing or advertising solution for this. Because of our high-quality Eco-Solvent inks and tough Premium Scrim Vinyl materials, these banners are strong, durable, and eye-catching, and are guaranteed to bring attention to your brand or events.

They can be utilized inside and outside the building, regardless of the weather. So whether you display it at the next trade show, outside your business entrance, or on a busy roadside, you'll be sure to attract notice. The possibilities are truly limitless.

You've never printed a banner before? Don't worry, makes everything simple for you. To get started, choose your favorite finish (Gloss or Matt), size, and number. Browse our own Banner Templates for assistance with banner formatting.

Custom vinyl banners

Outdoor advertising includes the use of plastic PVC banners. The bulk of all our banners is typically digitally printed in full color on big-scale printing equipment. PVC, a heavy-weight plastic, is the most widely utilized substance. Depending on the material selected, the weights of the various banner surfaces differ, and banners could be double-sided banners - or single-sided banners with a glossy or matte finish and custom banner size.

Tiny holes in the vinyl mesh banner sheet enable wind and air to pass through.

If desired, grommets or eyelets can be used to secure the banner to fences, railings, retractable banners, or walls in addition to a high-frequency weld, stitching, or banner hem tape.

Custom vinyl banners are common multi-purpose signs that are used by sports teams as well as chain grocery stores, car washes, and city lanterns. They frequently appear at trade exhibitions and at special events that people or businesses host. Everything from x-banners to church, roll-up, street, specialist, budget, pole pockets, banner stand, and vinyl banners are available at That means you can alter your vinyl banner to fit the size, shape, and print that you need.

You require something that can quickly convey information in today's fast-paced workplaces. A necessity is vinyl banners. Vinyl banners are excellent for advertising goods, conferences, athletic events, business get-togethers, and even private occasions like birthday or graduation celebrations. Large, vivid images work best since they attract attention and are most effective when used in them. Usually, special promotions, events, teams, or schools are involved.

Vinyl banners are used as both inside banners and outside banners and are strong and versatile. Simply to maintain the sign's visibility and durability, they are frequently utilized outdoors in normal weather climates and covered. They are weather resistant, nevertheless, if hung and secured properly.

The majority of vinyl banners are made of a "scrim" polyester mesh and vinyl(13 oz vinyl to 18 oz vinyl. A vinyl banner does have a smooth finished appearance when it has a complex hybrid fiber density or denier. The method of making a vinyl banner might vary, even though the sign's weight frequently affects its durability. The most frequently requested banners by people looking for quality are those created with a polymeric plasticizer. This is a far better option than fabric banners.

The vinyl banner has more movement and flexibility thanks to a softening ingredient called a polymeric plasticizer. The ideal material for improved durability and attractiveness is thought to be polymeric. On a horizontal or vertical surface, gloss or semi-gloss laminated printing produces a stylish print. Since the banner can be customized, our staff is prepared to assist you with dimensions, design, uploading unique artwork or company logos, and shipping if necessary.
Banners are a quick and easy way to distribute information at everything from athletic events to birthday parties. They are also highly versatile; in addition to standard hanging banners, pop-up banners, and pole banners, you can also choose from banners that swing on The A frame, banner stands, and epoxy banners.

Vinyl is more durable, tear-proof, and water-resistant than cotton or polyester for outdoor use. The most common finish for vinyl banners is smooth semi-gloss, but you may also purchase them in a matte. Any of the three varieties of vinyl banners are a sensible choice for you if you want a banner you can display without caring about the weather.

Vinyl banner material for writing

The most popular choice for outdoor banners is a scrim banner. Because scrim vinyl is such a strong base, it can survive adverse weather conditions that some other banner fabrics cannot. A scrim vinyl banner is an ideal option if you want an outdoor banner that will survive for a long time.

Vinyl Mesh for Banners

Sun and wind can travel through vinyl mesh banners, which increases their durability. Mesh banners work well for advertising along stadium and field fences because they don't entirely obscure the view, allowing viewers from a distance to see the banner's message or image in full clarity.

Vinyl Banner Material with Adhesive

A nice, adhesive-friendly surface is ideal for an adhesive vinyl banner's placement everywhere. These portable banners can be used anywhere they can properly stick and are typically hung on windows and walls. Although larger versions are also available, these banners are often smaller.

Adhesive vinyl banners' main advantage is that they don't require stands, poles, or hooks to be held up. As a result, there are additional opportunities to use the banner in places where poles or other methods of exhibiting the banner might not be practical.

Printable Glossy Vinyl

The most common type of printed vinyl that is easiest to use is glossy vinyl. This vinyl kind would be perfect for you if you enjoy DIY projects. No matter how skilled or knowledgeable you are in film installation and wrapping, it wouldn't matter. Additionally, this type of vinyl is very easy to maintain.

Printable Matte Vinyl

The Matte printable vinyl consistently ranks among the most popular printable types of vinyl on the marketplace for the majority of users. This is especially for users who enjoy applying wraps. Furthermore, there is consistently a large demand for matte vinyl. This is a result of its acceptance and usability. Learning much more about matte application's characteristics would also be quite helpful.

Printable Clear Vinyl

The Clear Vinyl, also known as Transparent Vinyl, is a double-polished vinyl designed to offer the best clarity. Water bath technology is used to manufacture clear vinyl, and other clear vinyl products also use this technique. It has a reputation for holding up in extremely cold temperatures of between -40F and -50F.

For latex or solvent printers, the transparent printed vinyl is best suited. For residential use, this inkjet printer is not particularly widespread. Typically, Clear Vinyl is used as a protecting laminate for various types of printable vinyl for inkjet printers.

You must have seen the following in addition to the printable matte, glossy, and transparent vinyl:

The Silhouette Vinyl and The Circuit Banners

These features always function regardless of the printer you decide to use for the job. It's crucial to familiarise oneself with their main distinctions, though. In comparison to ordinary vinyl, Cricut's vinyl is of higher quality. Additionally, it has a thinner shape and clings well to various curved planes.

What kind of printer do I need to print vinyl banners?

Virtually all printers allow the usage of printed vinyl. The best printers for printing on vinyl, though, vary.

Additionally, the type of printer to utilize for printable vinyl should be able to accommodate various paper thicknesses. A printer of this type should also be capable of printing on printable vinyl sheets without experiencing paper jams. For this, there are several excellent solutions available on the market.

As you may be aware, 8.5 x 11 sheets of vinyl paper are the norm for printing. You'll need to have a printer to manage too-thick documents because of this. Spending a lot of money on the printing device won't be necessary if you do this.

Using Printable Vinyl in Laser Printers: Laser printers(large format printers) are commonly seen in commercial environments or offices. All laser printers are designed to work with toner in place of ink. As such, these printer types can print in higher volumes faster than inkjets.

Unlike inkjet printers, laser printers operate differently. The main way that laser printers work is by continuously rolling toner well over the paper's surface. Although they are compatible with this printer, vinyl papers are not frequently used for vinyl printing.

A specific kind of vinyl paper, however, prints flawlessly across both lasers and inkjet printers. It is known as the printable vinyl sticker from LUXOTON. Therefore, since you can use either of these papers, there's no need to worry about the type of printer you have.

Using Inkjet Printers for Vinyl banner printing

Inkjet printers are typically used at home, as opposed to the office and professional laser printers. Heavy-duty printing is not intended for inkjet printers. Additionally, this kind of printer utilizes ink to operate. It is accurate to state that inkjets perform tasks related to vinyl printing better. But it's really important to have the correct printing tool for this job.

The printing procedure is illustrated here. Typically, the printable vinyl glue allows the sticker paper to absorb printer ink. This is what gives the finished product its water-resistance property.

Users who want to install this result on automobiles, trucks, or other equipment will benefit immensely from it.

For vinyl printing processes, a number of brands are compatible. Checking the ink the printer consumes is crucial, though. If you decide to purchase either of these printers, make sure that dye-based ink is compatible with it.

How Do I Print On Vinyl That Is Printable?

It's crucial to conceive and construct the ideal design before printing on printable vinyl. When this is accomplished, printing can start. Open a new document page, add the design, and then preview the document to start printing. The printable vinyl sheet needs to be loaded into the printer next to complete the procedure.

How long do PVC banners last?

Calendared PVC is a material that is fairly popular and is suggested for companies with modest banner requirements. The lifespan varies depending on the color used and whether a metallic alternative is offered, but is typically between three and six years. Additionally, the surroundings will have a significant impact, particularly if exposed to direct sunlight is frequent and there are significant commercial pollutants, such as smog, nearby.

Cast PVC is essentially a much higher-grade material than calendared varieties. These frequently have the vinyl banners' longest lifespans, ranging from 5 to 12 years.

Both fluorescent and metalized polyester vinyl are intended to be flamboyant and aesthetically pleasing. As a result, they don't have very long life expectancies. Although metalized polyester has improved in terms of sturdiness, luminous vinyl typically loses its functionality after two years. printed side new banner templates.

Is the PVC banner waterproof?

For both interior and outdoor displays, PVC banners offer the ideal signage option. The vinyl surface is entirely waterproof and bendable. It is thus perfect for both short-term and long-term advertising and for indoor and outdoor use. PVC banners are appropriate for all business types and industries.

What are the uses of Vinyl Banners?


Vinyl banners are strong and resistant to the elements. They are ideal for use in outdoor advertising since they are impervious to sun and water damage. Without sacrificing quality, you can rely on them to endure through rain, snow, and sunlight. Because of their endurance, you can reuse them anytime you need them anyway, whether that is in two months, at the close of the year, or the next year. Your company's marketing costs may be reduced by investing in this kind of banner.


Digital printing creates vibrant, eye-catching colors for our vinyl banners. Utilizing colorful signage with a distinctive design for your business is the best approach to draw clients to it. Choose our high-resolution banners for clear, sharp visuals with a premium glossy finish. To make a visually beautiful banner, you also don't need to be a professional in design. You choose the design, and our experts can assist you in putting it all together by assisting you in choosing the ideal size, colors, and banner style.

made quickly

Do you have a tight deadline and require a personalized poster as soon as possible? No issue! The ability to get vinyl banners made quickly is one of the greatest things about ordering from us. Your posters will be prepared for shipping the following day. indoor banners


Our vinyl banner can be altered to precisely meet your company's requirements. The style, color, size, and design of your banner are all under your hands. Additionally, you have a choice in the vinyl you want to utilize. Among the possibilities we provide are 13 and 18-ounce vinyl, porous outdoor vinyl mesh, product successfully imprinted vinyl signs with a gloss finish, and a range of other options.


Because it is so affordable, this kind of banner is preferred by many small businesses. Managing your marketing and advertising budget is a crucial component of any organization. Custom banners can play an authentic role in boosting your company. Our vinyl banners are high-quality and long-lasting, so they may be used again and for a variety of purposes. Planning ahead is key to making this work. Order your banners in bulk to receive the best price possible if your business intends to exhibit at a few trade exhibitions, grand openings, and events this year or if you intend to conduct community events. Again, the quality is not compromised by using this year after year.